How to measure?


And chest circumference - We measure the scale below the wounds through the biggest outgrowth of the chest and blades, and when joining the scale, lift the finger

B waist circumference - measure at the narrowest point of the waist, if the figure with abdominal protrusion, we measure the gauge slightly forward over the largest part of the abdomen. Simple to use: For gentlemen, the belt should be measured where they actually wear it

C circumference - we measure 18 to 20 cm below the strip, horizontally through the most protruding part of the flanks


length of the back - we measure from the seventh cervical vertebra to the waist, with the left hand thumb pad to lift the scale at the blade


shoulder width - measured from the ridge of the shoulder to the shoulder of the left shoulder to the right shoulder, while the neck of the neck moves the neck around the level of the seventh cervical vertebra.

E length of the long sleeve - measured from the fuselage interface and the limbs (hands) to the wrist. The hand of the animal is approximately 30 degree angle and the gauge passes through the elbow joint.

D inner length of legs - measured from crotch to bottom of legs

the outer leg length - measured from the top of the waist to the lower edge of the trousers along the side line (outer seam)

the bottom edge should almost touch the floor (floor, floor) barefoot.

thigh circumference - measuring at the widest point the thigh in the sitting room about 6-10 cm below the crotch