About Us

About Us

Forget about hopeless blushing at stores where you do NOT WANT!

Welcome to us, we hope to satisfy your needs: lol:

If you're high, you've found a site that will try to help you get your normal wear, home comfort, sports, and sleep.

Our company is engaged in the sale of clothing for a high of 9 years.

At the beginning, we were mocking ourselves with our first partner - makers. Time showed they were set correctly. We are glad that during our work, we have helped many of us in solving their needs to wear garments that are not short.

We have decided for the quality produced in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic, we are pleased with the response from our customers, who have confirmed that we are selling high quality products with long durability.

In addition to thermo clothing, all the garments offered in our e-shop are made of natural materials: cotton, viscose, bamboo, therefore it is also suitable for sensitive skin allergens. Of course the natural material is pleasant to touch, you will feel good in it, "bite".

The functional thermo clothing ensures a perfect passage of sweat from the body to the outer space, respectively. of the upper parts of the garment, so your body will not fit in the physical activities performed.

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